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Drainage, Drive, Path and Patio in Plumpton

This was one of those iceberg jobs - 90% of the work that went into it can’t be seen, but the 10% that is visible looks great.  

For example we installed drainage to stop the drive flooding, which is fine, but it took a lot longer than expected because we had to repair and replace most of the original Victorian pipework first.  This was time consuming and frustrating, but it was worth it to ensure that we had done a thorough and professional job and the drive wouldn’t flood any more.

The Story

Once the essential drainage was in place we were able to start work on the drive itself.  We dug out a lot of earth to make a deep sub-base so that the drive won’t sink and it will last for many years to come. We used tumbled cobbles edged with granite, which looked great and worked really well with the Victorian house.

The final part of the project was replacing the side path and making a new patio at the back of the house.  Here we used slate to contrast beautifully with the drive.

The drive before

Installing the essential drainage.

Work on the drive in progress…

A smart, new side path and patio to replace the shabby old gravel one.