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A Low Maintenance Garden in Crowborough

The back third of this garden had become a dumping ground and was completely inaccessible to our retired clients. We cleared out the garden and then set to work replacing and improving the retaining walls with steps set in to them for access and also creating raised beds.

The Story

The garden was on a slope and we used tons of topsoil to make each level flat.  This had to be brought in by wheelbarrow up the garden slope through thick, deep mud – a very laborious and strenuous process!  However, it was worth it to create additional usable space in the garden.

Finally, we created a circular patio on the top level to make a lovely place to sit out and enjoy the sun during the warmer months. The rest of the area was covered in low maintenance and affordable gravel.  It looks a bit stark at the moment, but we left it like that because our clients want to plant up the beds themselves, and this will really soften the scheme and bring it to life. The garden had become a disorganised maze of bits and bobs.

Two weeks in and the retaining walls were up and holding back the soil, which was just as well as the mud was getting deeper and sloppier by the day.

And from out of the slop there came a magnificent garden!!  It involved a great deal of backbreaking physical work, but the finished garden made it all worth it.  Handrails on the steps make them more manageable for our clients to get up and down.

The patio with a view and the sunshine (when it arrives!).