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A Landscaping Project in East Grinstead

This was a small town garden in desperate need of an update.  Our clients had seen our website and liked our style, and asked us to provide them with a quote.

As is usual for all new enquiries, Rob went to have a look at their garden to go through some ideas with them, and based on this we put together an initial estimate. After a further meeting to fine tune the design, materials, planting scheme and therefore the budget, we were delighted when they gave us the go ahead.

“Rob did all the work himself - from clearing the site to carpentry and planting. We have been so impressed with the results. In particular we liked the curved wooden feature. Our garden is beautiful and even casual visitors comment and take pictures. The plants and flowers attract bees and butterflies. We just love the space.”

The Story

As you can see in the photo, a large shed dominated the garden.  Now, we like a shed but this one really was out of proportion and needed to go.  The deck had definitely seen better days too and needed replacing, as did the back fence.

A few days later and it had all been demolished!  As with all our jobs we took away all the rubbish and disposed of it. It’s a service we offer and is included in our price.

Fast-forward 4 weeks and the structure of the garden was taking shape.  We had built a circular patio to sit out on and catch the evening sun, raised beds around the perimeter of the garden and at the side of the house.  We had erected a new close-boarded fence and made a step to lead down in to the garden from the house.  We also replaced the deck and installed a super pergola to add height to the scheme as well as provide shade/shelter.

6 weeks on and the garden was complete with the addition of one of our signature curved timber walls to add further interest.  Our clients didn’t want any grass to maintain and so we used a 20mm Pembrookshire pink shingle instead with slate stepping stones to lead between the patio, house and deck.

As always the plants brought the design to life and looked stunning against the timber structures, stone and slate.  At our clients’ request we also designed a low-maintenance planting scheme for them.

Looking down the garden from the deck.

The archway creates a welcoming entrance into the back garden.

From the side of the house